V23 Mobile Health App

One stop patient-centric app for all the Healthcare Needs
V23 provides access to specialist doctors, pharmacies, and diagnostic tests, all at the comfort of your home. Our patient-centric services make certain that every v23 member’s medical necessity is catered to without any undue hassle of finding nearest and best medical service provider, booking appointments, video consultation, second opinions, ordering medicines online, digital medical records storage to accessing quality health and well-being content.

A healthcare practice management and Patient Engagement Solution
V23+ is a powerful practice management app that aspects at automating and fetching in efficiencies for the providers (clinics, doctors, pharmacy, diagnostic tests, etc.) in getting new patients, managing patient contacts, and scheduling appointments. It facilitates communications with patients through chat, email, and video; create-store and share EMR of patients; share e-prescription, lab reports to the patients account; and many more.



Facility Configuration

Replace your traditional practice management with the robust healthcare mobile application that makes daily operations easier and simple


Appointment booking

Streamlined patient appointments with automatic reminders, follow-up scheduling & queue management


Video Consultation

24/7/365 on-demand video consultations to reach and get discovered by new patients in a securely encrypted platform


Document Locker

Automate redundant paper process by going paperless. Remotely scan, store, search & share your medical documents securelye

second opinion

Second Opinion

Helps patients make the right decisions in critical healthcare scenario by taking a second opinion with a pool of experts


Online Payment and Passbook

Secure online payment options to settle medical bills. Access your transaction history through passbook selection


Call 911

Locate a nearby ambulance and receive real-time navigation inputs to serve the needy


Medication Reminders

Set up reminders for specific timelines, and dosages. Track medicine quantity & enable refill alert


Health & Wellbeing Content

Seemingly an endless amount of quality health and wellbeing information right in your pockets


Online Access To Reports

Access, download, and share medical reports on the go.


Security & Privacy

All Health-solutions conforms to international infrastructure guidelines for security and privacy



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