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IT Infrastructure Management

Managing IT infrastructure efficiently is critical for entreprises to go beyond “business as usual”. Superior infrastructure management processes ensure predictable delivery of customer applications, with high reliability, security and performance.

Whether you are looking to reduce costs, improve business-to-IT alignment, drive innovation, or reduce risks, KSoft offers a comprehensive suite of remote Infrastructure management services. KSoft helps optimize client's infrastructure through a mature global delivery model, standardized processes, adoption of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework and global service network, and robust private network with built in redundancies.

KSoft collaborates with its customers to implement smarter IT infrastructure management strategies. Our expertise in remote infrastructure management and operations can reduce overhead costs by over 50%. We offer flexible and SLA driven engagement models.

Our customers get access to an integrated IT infrastructure management platform. This secure 24/7 platform integrates service desk with tools, to monitor and manage all applications and infrastructure, including virtualized infrastructure. It optimizes IT infrastructure performance, keeps real time inventory of IT hardware and software, streamlines work flows and eliminates avoidable expenditure.

We are compliant to industry standards, such as ITIL / ITSM / ISO which allows us to deliver reliable, stable and measurable SLA based services.

Consulting and Implementation

Current economic scenarios are pressurizing the companies to justify their IT investment and so they need support in planning their IT strategy. They need a technology partner to help them choose the right technology tools and measure IT effectiveness.

KSoft’s infrastructure consulting and implementation services play a key role in assessing and defining customer infrastructure and support roadmap. We conduct an objective assessment of customer’s current infrastructure and support strategy, identify the gaps, recommend solutions in line with business goals and implement the processes for gaining optimum ROI.

Consulting and Implementation Offerings

Consulting and implementation approach

KSoft delivers services with a consulting-led approach. This approach eliminates the risk of execution and helps deliver a predictable result. We select the five step approach that can be customized to any of our IT strategy, security, infrastructure and technical support offerings.

Consulting and Implementation Offerings

KSoft works along with customers to prioritize the implementation of identified process gaps. Incremental alignment of all these newly implemented processes (read as process, tools, environment and technologies) happens at the align phase. This approach is critical to avoid large scale change management and to ensure regular measurement of the new strategy.

Our differentiators

Managed Services

An effective and efficient management of the infrastructure can help entreprises reduce their IT expenses by up to 50%. Entreprises need to think beyond 'business as usual' to stay ahead of the game. However, these high savings are tagged with high risks. With their core business heavily dependent on IT infrastructure, they need a smarter strategy. The expertise and resources necessary to monitor, maintain and manage infrastructure must be well balanced with the costs and efficiency.

KSoft has the capability to deliver infrastructure management services to large technology companies and entreprise businesses. We collaborate with customers to mitigate all the operational hassles of monitoring, maintaining and managing business applications and infrastructure. This helps our customers achieve the balance between business and operational priorities.

Our service delivery model is based on ITIL guidelines and robust transition methodology. This ensures smooth transitions into steady-state managed support, based on service level objectives.

Our services include

Infrastructure consulting services

Production application support

Desktop application lifecycle management

Service features

Our differentiators

Security Services

Entreprises are facing an array of information security threats ranging from malware to sophisticated attacks that compromise their day to day operations. The threat is significant for companies that handle large amounts of customer data. In addition, entreprises need to be compliant with various Government regulations and laws.

KSoft’s end to end security expertise reduces the risks in operating and managing your IT infrastructure that includes network, data center, servers and other IT assets. We help reduce the information security management costs and make them more predictable. Our consultants are certified experts across several domains, such as ISO 27001 LA, CISA, CISM, CEH and CISSP.

Our expertise in professional and managed security services ranges from banking, financial services and insurance sector, to manufacturing, retail and other verticals.

Services offerings

KSoft offers a complete lifecycle security services portfolio and provides actionable intelligence in all of its deliverables. Our approach is consultative and business-led, where we first understand our customer’s need, based on which, we define success criteria.

Professional Security Services (PSS): The PSS portfolio is highly consultative in nature with a strong focus on business problem resolution and is available both offshore and onsite. These services are delivered as fixed time projects and leverage our ‘trusted advisory’ role with the customer. We address GRC (governance, risk and compliance), vulnerability and threat management domains.

Managed Security Services (MSS): MSS provide our customers the capability of having their security infrastructure monitored and managed remotely. This allows the customers to focus on their core competence and significantly reduces the total cost of ownership and improves operational efficiencies.

We remotely monitor and manage security infrastructure, in addition to monitoring and managing network and entreprise application infrastructure. The security elements under management include IPS, IDS, Firewalls and VPNs. These are delivered via world class Network Operations Centers (NOCs) in two locations and a Security Operations Center (SOC).

Our differentiators

Technical Support

Technical support is no longer a reactive function. Today, it is all about foreseeing end-user concerns and devising plans to prevent disappointment. It is the quality of technical support service that directly impacts the bottom line of any business.

KSoft has worked with some of the leading technology companies and entreprise businesses and understands their challenges. We offer comprehensive onshore and offshore technical support services for product companies involved in developing entreprise class hardware products and software applications. Our customers achieve significant reduction in the total cost of ownership of their end customers and increase in the product sales, by leveraging our comprehensive services.

Our onshore and offshore technical support includes installation and product support, up and running support, troubleshooting and usage support.

Our round-the-clock technical support approach goes beyond traditional reactive customer issue handling. We believe in proactive customer profiling, predictive analytics and flat tiered models. We collaborate with our customers’ in-house engineers to get a greater understanding of product functionality and technology issues. We leverage this understanding to bridge the gap between real world product issues and technical constraints involved in the development of the product.

Our consulting team plays a key role in assessing readiness and requirements before recommending solutions to customers. This approach enables a higher ROI and greater end user satisfaction.

Service features

Packaged services

KSoft offers a range of specialized packaged tech support services in addition to the core services.

These services have specific deliverables and are managed by our on-demand experts.

Our differentiators

Data Center Services

A world-class data center can provide the agility for your business needs to respond quickly to business opportunities, decrease time to market and generate breakthrough ideas. We offer guidance for defining and assessing your data center capabilities to better manage change from technology and business perspectives.

Our Services

We provide storage services, server management, mainframe management, and data center modernization. We offer full spectrum of hosting and automated management and systems.

Nature of Support

We use tool sets that include Peregrine Service Desk, ADMS - Asset Management tool, EON - paging service. Besides the native tools in each technology, we also use state-of-the-art management tools to proactively fix issues before they arise.

Our Data Center Modernization services focus on helping you migrate, consolidate, standardize, automate and virtualize infrastructure assets, thus enabling you to respond more rapidly to changing market conditions in a highly efficient and effective manner while paying only for what you need.

Our solid IT transformation expertise, clear road maps, and global resources enable you to take the necessary steps to achieve a more dynamic and interoperable, automated hosting environment. All the while, you are fully protected by guaranteed up times and multiple safeguards to ensure your data is safe and your business is 100% business / regulatory compliant.

Workplace Services


Tools Used

Nature of Support


Our unparalleled industry reach and expertise makes us as an industry leader in desktop and help desk services. Through automation and innovative models, we can help you meet the mobility, personalization and IT cost needs of the agile entreprise of the future. We produce the perfect mix of services and service levels to accommodate your entreprise's unique business objectives and needs.

Network Services

KSoft Network Services helps entreprise streamline their entreprise network by monitoring and managing it 24x7. KSoft consultants can help ensure peak performance of client’s network by helping deploy appropriate network solutions and providing a comprehensive service to monitor and manage their network elements. KSoft Network Services help customers maintain highest level of network performance while lowering operational costs and ensuring uptime.

KSoft Network Services portfolio includes:

Network Management: KSoft Network Management Services provides monitoring and management services for your network. Some of the key offerings in this space include:

Network Security: KSoft Network Security services covers monitoring and management of security elements on your entreprise network. Some of the key offering in this space are:

Application Performance Management: KSoft provides entreprise with end-to-end application performance management services to setup and manage a robust application delivery network. KSoft offering covers:

Unified Communications: KSoft helps entreprises manage entreprise communications efficiently. This service includes:

KSoft Network Services team provides network transformations and consulting services helping customers to migrate their legacy network to latest technologies. KSoft manages networks of clients globally. We provide 24x7 monitoring and management of entreprise networks. The network services team is well versed in latest network technologies provided by leading vendors and certified in leading vendor technologies.

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